SAFETY FIRST, or is it Beauty?

In the corporate world, say Chevron for example (I have friends who work there), they wear t shirts that say “safety first,” but they really mean “safety second” or Money First.

This idea unfortunately carries over in to a lot of aspects of our lives, doesn’t it? How many pairs of shoes have you gone home with that were not quite the perfect fit – but they looked great so you bought them?!

This website identifies the safest and best looking, most aesthetically appealing furniture and safety for seniors and persons with disabilities who could benefit from the pieces highlighted on this website.

Safety First

Bringing style to the bathroom with wall decals and quotes

There isn’t much happening in the bathroom that would be considered exciting. There might be some exiting of some excrement, and by exciting that’s not what I meant. The smell might actually be decent enough if you have some nice scented candles or a match, but there’s not really any reason people spend much time there. And the time spent in the bathroom doesn’t have to be only when you’re performing personal chores. Most walls in bathrooms have “crappy” design, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You know how the walls are usually coated with glossy paint? That’s so water doesn’t seep through when it gets steamy inside. This is usually the case when someone’s showering. Time to talk about some cool bathroom decorating ideas.

Where to buy wall Decals or quotes for Bathroom Walls

wall decals quotesThere are a number of manufacturers of high quality art to put up on walls in the bathroom. Instead of putting a hole in the wall with a nail or screw, I found and use some amazing and simple yet creative and beautiful designs that are super colorful and compliment the rest of the house just beautifully. When you consider getting some artwork up, you usually think of floral patterns or perhaps a water themed shower room. This is great, and the motif has withstood the test of time. I’m not trying to get you to give up your desire to have flowers and water or ocean themes in the restroom, but I just want you to consider the possibilities of beautifying that room with some of the following vendors and ideas for sprucing that area of the house up. Instead of keeping the door closed and not something you’re real proud to show guests, make the bathroom a destination room when showing off the house! This will be a total shift of paradigm for interior design and etiquette! Check these out and give me your thoughts!


Wall decals quotes by Style and Apply
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Safety Tubs for Seniors are Quickly Becoming the Standard

The chances are high that if you are reading this, you probably have aging parents or you yourself would benefit from learning some bathroom or shower safety. A trend that has been gaining momentum for a few years now is the new walk-in style of safety tubs on the market. There have been increasing news stories of different manufacturers coming up with new models and add-ons, which make the tub as much of a luxury as a safety device.

safety tub

Lifestyle Safety Tub

Many folks who are aged have heard of Bay Alarm Medical. This is one of the main providers of at-home monitoring in case someone falls “and can’t get up.” They recently partnered with Lifestyle Safety Tub and now provide the option for their tubs to have built-in panic button. Safety at it’s finest!

If a safety tub is good for seniors, it’s good for everyone else

If you remember back in the1970′s or 1980′s, that’s when the ergonomic handle came out for knives and forks etc… They were created by a company who had a very smart anthropologist who studied the way elderly folks interacted with their products. They found the seniors – especially those with arthritis struggled with the straight and narrow handles that the rest of the world accepted as the norm. What they did next was absolutely amazing. They came up with a handle that formed to the hand and made it much more comfortable to hold and to cut with. Which also made it much safer. The unexpected surprise? Everyone loved them and bought them, not just seniors and those with arthritis.

The bathing revolution for the rest of us?

Since that’s how the ergonomic handle played out for the knife and fork, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens with safety tubs. It’s probably going to take a little longer for the rest of the world to catch up because a new bath tub isn’t something you can buy and put into your apartment. But it’s certainly looking like this is a huge bathroom and shower room trend, so keep your eyes on these walk-in bathtub companies and look into getting one of your own!